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Udržitelná výroba v rámci ČR


ELKA LOUNGE is an ethical brand of clothing, underwear, loungewear and products from the Deco & Home line.
At the beginning of our journey there was a desire for great design, a softer fabric and a more comfortable cut. We wanted to change the way we think about underwear and clothes, while keeping the environment and social responsibility in mind. Now ELKA LOUNGE is a fashion brand with a vision to create absolute wellness from every moment. Premium natural materials, certified origin and processing, constantly innovating cuts and "made-to-last" design are the main values ​​of our brand.

Přírodní materiály

Behind the scenes

ELKA LOUNGE is a family brand founded in 2008. It arose from the idea of ​​producing men's underwear, whose design and quality of materials did not receive such attention. The first piece was made by the co-founder of the brand as a Christmas present for his sons. ELKA LOUNGE has been undergoing dynamic development both in terms of assortment and operation since 2008, the brand's products can be found in several European markets with the ambition of becoming an iconic wellness-fashion brand worldwide.

ZERO/minimum waste přístup

Believe in better world

We are always looking for ways to strengthen the quality and sustainability of our production - from materials through production to transport. We believe in the constant improvement of design and materials so that they are timeless, universal and suitable for everyday wear full of joy and comfort. We reveal the background of all components that we use for our operation and optimize plasticity, shortening transport routes, the use of production waste and the efficiency of our finances. The goal of our efforts is to be the most efficient company that consumes a minimum of raw materials, produces less waste, produces under humane conditions and inspires others.

Bez plastu

Sustainable production

The complete production of the brand from buttons to final production takes place in several workshops in the Czech Republic in order to comply with the responsible operation of the entire brand. Also, all our suppliers, 80% of whom are local companies, meet strict ethical parameters. All our products are made exclusively from premium natural materials such as Micromodal, cotton satin, bamboo and 100% organic cotton or linen. We are a 99% plastic-free company and we try to use even the smallest piece of fabric. We support social responsibility and carry out some production processes in sheltered workshops.

Your moments. Everyday. Only. Playful. Together. Your moments. Everyday. Only. Playful. Together.