Children's Hoodies

Children's Sweatshirts ELKA LOUNGE

 Basic pieces are also popular in the children's world! Comfortable hooded sweatshirts are just right for everything, and their pleasant material is sure to put a smile on every kid's face.

Children's organic cotton sweatshirts are created for the everyday adventures of our little ones. Treat your little ones to the highest quality sweatshirt made of premium combed organic cotton.Children's sweatshirts from our workshop have an OEKOTex 100 certificate, which guarantees health-friendly materials for children up to 1 year of age. However, our women's material also has another certificate, which is GOTS - a certificate guaranteeing that the production of this material took place with maximum environmental and social responsibility.

Children's sweatshirts through ELKA LOUNGE are a great partner for home, vacation, and everyday wear. We make children's sweatshirts from 95% organic cotton. If you want to make your little ones happy, we recommend you take a look at our children's cotton trunks, which we produce in dozens of interesting patterns that your children will simply fall for.

Did you know that we make women's and men's sweatshirts just like children's sweatshirts? Yes, you can match your sweatshirts with the whole family, or just you and your sweetheart. 

Your moments. Everyday. Only. Playful. Together. Your moments. Everyday. Only. Playful. Together.