Dámská body z mikrovlákna: Odměňte své tělo kvalitním designem

Microfiber bodysuit for women: Reward your body with quality design

Wearing quality clothing and accessories is a choice. And you are not only choosing more pleasant moments and fewer worries, but also stronger health . A great example is our women's bodysuit , which protects the female parts and kidneys.

Premium soft material

We sew bodysuits from premium micromodal with certification OekoTex 100 - this incredibly fine fabric guarantees you, with its verified origin, that you will not allow unhealthy chemicals that are often found in clothing, either due to the treatment of the material or from dyeing, to your body. You can read a separate article about the features, advantages and sustainability of micromodal.

One is not enough

Once you get one, you're already thinking about the next one. You will want to wear ELKA LOUNGE bodysuits made of fine microfiber all winter long as underwear and in summer as a separate piece. It has a fastening in the lower part, it adheres to your body like a second skin and most importantly: it is the only one of all clothing that carefully protects your kidneys from getting cold .

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