Frequently Asked Questions For a perfect shopping experience


The right choice of size

We try to develop the cuts so that they correspond as best as possible to ready-to-wear sizes. Due to the majority of natural materials, however, they do shrink, so we generally recommend a size larger than your standard size if you are on the border between sizes. If you have one established size, ours will most likely fit you. You can also refer to the size chart for each product as a guide.

Where do we manufacture the products?

We manufacture the entire portfolio of our brand exclusively in the EU. For us, sustainability is not a marketing tool, but an essential DNA of our brand since 2008.

What materials do we use?

In the vast majority of cases, we produce from purely natural materials. If some properties do not allow us to use a purely natural material, we choose the lowest possible amount of added substances. The main materials we use are 100% organic cotton and linen. 99% of our products do not contain plastic or other artificial substances. We keep 1% just in case we missed something. In our production, you will find packaging materials made only from 100% recyclable cardboard, and we make buttons from pressed seeds - Corrozo material.

How long do we have the products on offer?

The permanence of the collections is one of our principles of sustainability and at the same time the comfort and security of your repeated purchases. We keep the products in our collections for a really long time so that you can like them and buy more if they fit you perfectly. We only update them regularly. This way, you will avoid constant searching and the risk of making bad purchases that lead to waste. There is beauty in simplicity, be inspired by our lookbooks and combine basic products in hundreds of ways. Include our pieces in your capsule wardrobe.

How should I care for your products?

Washing symbols are an integral part of every sign or print on our products. Due to the high proportion of natural materials, we recommend that you follow them carefully. This will avoid excessive precipitation or fiber damage. In general, we do not recommend drying our products in a tumble dryer and do not dry clean them in any way or use washing accessories, such as anti-staining bags. On the contrary, we recommend less frequent washing (it is often enough to air the products well) at lower temperatures. We recommend ironing.

How can I exchange, return or complain about goods?

You can worry-free exchange the goods within an extended period of 30 days from receipt. The goods can also be returned within the legal period of 14 days. You have the right to complain up to 24 months. Full instructions on the return & exchange process can be found on the - Exchange & Returns page.

Where can I find a return form?

The form for exchange, return or complaint, including all instructions, can be found on the page - Exchange & return

I haven't received an order confirmation or I don't have any further information about its progress

We often find small errors in our customers' email addresses or emails in spam. Maybe this is your case too, or another technical error has occurred. Contact us , we will be happy to check your order.